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At Benross Home Services Ltd., we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the Calgary area. We also have made the desicion to publish our not-so-good reviews as we believe in being upfront and honest! WE may not make everyone happy but WE DO TRY!

Benross Home Services Ltd.

"...they did an amazing job....."                       trustedpros.com

Keith and Anne provide an amazing level of customer satisfaction.
Several very large view windows had started to leak, damaging the hardwood and lower ceilings. Keith was able to identify the issues when others could not. Keith was able to work with the window manufacture to get a high quality window that is engineered to deal with some unique and extremes of weather.
What sets Keith apart, is that he just deals with all the stuff that comes up after you open up a leaking and rotten wall cavity. Keith has great communication skills, he talked us through each step of the restoration process in a clear and concise manner. His crew did not try to cut corners, but they did not create a bigger job that what was there.
We have a quality house that we did not have before thanks to Keith and Anne. It is never fun to have to deal with restoration. Keith and his crew kept it moving and did a quality job.
Our thanks to Keith, Anne and their crew. They did an amazing job for us.


Rating By Criteria
Timeliness = 5
Budget = 5
Quality = 5
Communication = 5
Courteous = 5
Overall Rating = 5 / 5

"I highly recommend them to anyone........"   trustedpros.com

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I have hired Benross Home Services for one major renovation (over $100K) and two medium renos ($50K each) in two different locations and found them to be absolutely professional and a breath of fresh air in a market like Calgary. The secret is to treat people the way you want them to treat you. If they are doing work for me whether on site or at suppliers I pay their time, that way I don't need to go to IKEA and figure out how to order kitchen cabinets and all the parts required. By the way, they have an IKEA expert, Murray who knows his way around this stuff very well.

They clean up after themselves and most important of all; they finish the job, so you don't have to hound people to get defficiencies completed.

I highly recommend them to anyone, and have done so to at least 3 friends of ours who have also had good experiences with them.Very fair and trustworthy, they should charge more.

Kim , Calgary, AB


"....much to my surprise and pleasure, you and your team made it as comfortable for us as possible. The days went quickly and the comportment of you and your workers was always congenial and good-humoured.  So, thank you."

On another topic of gratitude, we also appreciate your striving for excellence in your work.  Your strict and very high standards and your attention to detail reflects a code of honour that you carry with youthroughout your activities. 

We had not been looking forward to the chaos and disarray that a renovation usually entails.  The upgrading of both of our bathrooms was going to be especially disruptive.  One doesn’trealize how much a bathroom affords us the benefits of being civilized.   There is much in a bathroom that elevates our lifestyles from those of caveman: our daily ablutions all done within the comfort and privacy of a relatively small but pivotal room in the house.

But, much to my surprise and pleasure, you and your team made it as comfortable for us as possible. The days went quickly and the comportment of you and your workers was always congenial and good-humoured.  So, thank you.

I too shall miss my morning companion.  I would arise very early, the household asleep around me, sit down at my computer, my cup of decaf coffee beside me and open up your emails. There I would enjoyably discover the progress that had been made and the schedule of the day’s events.

Take care, Pamela, Calgary, AB


They're prices are very competitive, and their work is outstanding, but it's also their integrity that struck me..."    trustedpros.com

We have used Benross Home Services for some home renovations recently. Over the years we've had a number of contractors in to do work for us as we upgraded our home, but none of them compare to the excellent service we have received from Benross Home Services.

Not only are they extremely helpful on the phone, but they respond quickly, do outstanding work, are there to advise, and wouldn't take on a job they felt they couldn't deliver on. 

They're prices are very competitive, and their work is outstanding, but it's also their integrity that struck me.

I will continue to call on Benross in the future, and would highly recommend them to anybody who requires a great contractor, great pricing, amazing workmanship and honesty in their work. They're awesome! 

Sincerely, Alan and Dana B. Calgary,AB


"immediate response was the first thing that separated them from the other handymen..."    Service Magic

"We had numerous jobs which needed attending to in our new house. Benross responded to our 'phone message promptly and provided a very reasonable estimate. 

This immediate response was the first thing that separated them from the other handymen we called. They attended to the work as arranged, were competent, professional and very pleasant to deal with. 

We were very happy with the standard of their work and their prices - we intend to use the company again and can confidently recommend Benross to anyone requiring their services. "

- Hazel, Calgary, AB


"Very pleased with the work performed...."   Service Magic

"Very pleased with the work performed. Professional,timely and most importantly honest pricing and service. " - Diana, Calgary, AB

Remodeling and Home Design

"They did a good job and were very accommodating...."    Service Magic

"They came through when finally asked to come. they were very patient as I worked through the challenges of my project. They did a good job and were very accommodating. 

They also offered to be available should I need anything else.

Overall I was very satisfied." - O.D. Calgary, AB

".....reliable,on time."    Service Magic

"Professional,neat,clean,polite,good communication,reliable,on time." - Alison F., Calgary, AB

".......Would and will use them again."      Service Magic

"They were excellent. Did the job required. Came in on budget. Would and will use them again." - Carol W. Calgary, AB

“I wanted to let you guys know that your handyman was great to deal with. He was well presented, tidied up after himself and pleasant to deal with.
I am glad that I called your company and hope to deal with you again.”
— Larry, Calgary, AB


The next reviews were challenging situations, we do not like to get any negative response but we understand it will happen and we will deal with them. We felt being transparent is an essential part of being a good business.

Door jam repair

Dianne in Calgary 3 | Sep 01, 2012 (Can be seen on Homestars.com)

While returned from an unscheduled trip out of town to discover I had been a victim of a B& E and garage vandalism... I really appreciated the prompt response provided but the cost was high for such a temporary repair - the price would seem to be for a new door not a temporary fix. I wanted to be able to lock the door when I returned to work. .... when I mentioned these concerns amongst others the response was that although I "may be replacing the door soon, but I believe his repair to be… read more more than temporary." Really? the door is covered with adhesive and I need to slam it to close it, the lock sticks... if this is acceptable as a permanent repair, we do live in different worlds. Also - they charge a processing fee for using a method of payment that they advertise as one they accept. Because I had not read the agreement or signed a contract I did authorize the charge. However, my concerns did not change and I will not use this company again.

Company Response:

Upon review, it is my belief that this customer has some legitimate concerns. They will be addressed. We intend to present a scenario to this customer which we hope will put their concerns to rest.

NOTE OF THANKS FROM BENROSS - Thank you for the feedback , whether positive or negative, we take it seriously and use it to help us serve you better



Bathroom Demo

E Engeles in Calgary 1 | Apr 25, 2011 (Can be seen on Homestars.com)

Bathroom demo completed on time. Ben Ross subbed work to another contractor who was not given the complete scope of reno work and therefore did not complete all of work. We therefore short paid the contractor as work was not completed as per specified in writing. Quality of work issues arose (product not installed as per specifications) and company would not repair unless we meet to pay for the work not initially completed. Had used company previously with good results but obviously too busy to ensure on going quality controlread less

Company Response:

This customer wrongly assumes that we would ever charge extra for incomplete or substandard work.Or that we would not do all we could to fix any problem. They did not give me a chance to meet with them at which time I had every intention of making right the issues at hand. It is also important for me to put forward that I did not subcontract this job but gave the job to a tile contractor whom this customer paid directly. I tried only to act as a liason and help each party get the desired result. This obviously backfired on me. Not only have I not received a penny for this, I am also "on the hook" to pay the tile contractor the balance owing (about $370). He did exactly as I outlined in my emailed estimate. The fact that this estimate did not correspond exactly to this customers to do list, was my oversight which I was more than willing to be accountable for. Had I been given the opportunity, we would not be here now. It's a difficult business to be sure folks! If only we weren't human..


Client Follow up: (Can be seen on Homestars.com)

Keith McTaggart, Owner/President responded to my concerns - refunded the original call out fee, installed my new door and restored my faith in contractors. I consider the first contact an unfortunate misunderstanding - and the follow-up by Keith and his staff shows a lot of character. Thanks for making this right!    - Dianne

Company Response:

Thank you Dianne, for giving us the opportunity to put this right. 

Keith McTaggart