3 Practical Tips For Maintaining Metal Structures In Your Outdoor Space

When you enter the yards of most homes in this country, you are bound to find a metal-made structure somewhere among the grass, shrubs, or trees. Gates, fences, handrails, barbecue grills and patio furniture are just but some of the metal features common to the spaces outside our front doors. Unfortunately, while a majority of us recurrently tend to our landscapes and lawns, we often do not give much thought to the metal features in our outdoor spaces.

Thanks to metal’s well-merited reputation for durability, people often do not think much about the material’s maintenance needs. However, the metal elements in our back or front yards require to be regularly maintained so as to rid them off rust and other issues. Homeowners that don’t have time to properly take care of the metal features in their outdoor spaces are recommended to opt for handyman services in Calgary. This way, their outdoor metals are properly taken care of to keep performing and looking their very best. Here are some basic guidelines to help steel, brass, iron, and other metals to enjoy the longest life possible.

Start by performing a rescue operation

If the metal features in your yard are extensively damaged, they will demand more time and effort to be restored back to their former glory. These kinds of metal furniture require some form of refinishing or another. In this case, preparation is the key to your project’s success. Prior to beginning a refinishing project, you have got to get down to bare metal. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Expert metal maintenance service providers utilize wire brushes or a wire wheel attainment on a power drill to make a quicker and easier work of it. If you decide to do the job yourself, make sure to properly scrape away the old coating. And while at it, pay attention to all scrolls or crevices that might be part of the overall design. The now scraped metal surface then need be wiped down with a damp cloth. Wait for the surface to completely dry before applying an appropriate metal primer and paint.

Make fixes where required

Regardless of a homeowner’s best effort, the metal furniture on his or her property will begin to show signs of tear and wear. Professional handymen recommend not waiting for small issues to get more serious. So, when a small patch of rust is discovered, quickly clean the area as thoroughly as you can. The best way to go about this task is to lightly sand the rust away, and then wipe off all the residual grit prior to touching up the surface. Once done, apply an appropriate metal primer and let the treated surface to completely dry out. Once dried, follow up with a paint that is specially formulated for metal surfaces.

Take care not to further damage the metal coating

A simple action such as clinking two metal surfaces together can end up further damaging the already damaged metal surface. Dragging a table or chair leg might result in scrapes that leave your prized metal furniture vulnerable to rust. So take precautions such as raising the furniture up from the ground when you are moving it, for instance at the end of the season. Moreover, when storing away your outdoor metal furniture, utilize old cotton rags to prevent the pieces from hitting against each other.

Homeowners that live in places that experience harsh winters, monsoon summers, and other kinds of severe weather are recommended to consider bringing their outdoor metal furniture pieces indoors for short-term or long-term storage, particularly whenever a violent storm threatens or the temperatures drop. If storing your metal pieces indoors isn’t applicable, then simply cover them with a breathable fabric for the duration of the foul weather.