Easy Bedroom Makeover Tips That You Can Do In One Day

Many times, you can get bored with the way your bedroom looks. In fact, at the end of the day, when you go home from work and you see the same thing inside your bedroom, you will feel some sort of stress in the process. Well, if you are a busy person and you want to give your bedroom a makeover, you can schedule the endeavour during weekends. A day will be enough to have a bedroom revamp. Here is how you can do that.

Add in some furniture and fixtures

It does not matter if these are hand-me-downs or have been bought from second-hand shops that sell such items. What matters is you can make use of a few fixtures to add style to your room. If you have been missing out on a headboard, now is the time to get one. The same is true if you do not have any side tables at all and you have been using your chairs as your bedside table. Anything that you think is essential to your bedroom makeover is welcome in the process.

Change colours

Changing colours? You might raise an eyebrow on this tip. You know very well that repainting a bedroom can take days or even weeks to finish so how it is possible that changing colours can be done in one day. We are not speaking about repainting the room. All you need to do is change your linens with a different colour hue. You can also change your curtains so it goes well with your linen or the setting you want inside the room.

De-clutter and free up space

You see books here and there or even toys that should not go inside the room. Well, if you feel like there is something inside that room that is not supposed to be there, what do you think should you do next? You simply have to remove them. Put the toys inside your kid's bedroom and ask them to tidy these toys in boxes so they too can make their room look more spacious. If books are scattered on the floor, you can place them in a bookshelf or a magazine rack, whichever is available. The important thing is your room will not look like a total mess.

Draw attention to the right spaces

You have a lot of fixtures inside your room and you maximise them by putting small items atop each of them. What if you have done the same thing to your radiator or anything else that is not really a good spot to put on some decorations? If your room does not have enough space, it is not an excuse for you to use every little piece of furniture and fixture. You have to find a spot where these decorations are supposed to draw attention. Do not just place small items like photo frames or candle holders on top of any empty space that can accommodate them.

Asking for help is key!

Whilst the things mentioned above can already fit into your one-day bedroom makeover schedule, you must remember that you can get all the help you can. Your partner might want to give you a hand in the process. If not, you can ask your kids to help you as well and promise them you will help them for their own bedroom makeovers for the coming weekend.

If your bedroom, on the other hand, needs more than just a makeover, you can always ask help from professionals in home renovation in Calgary. They can certainly help you bring better life to your once boring bedroom. They can even help you organise things that are still not due for throwing away to the trash can.