Why Wainscoting Is Becoming Popular

Have you ever heard or read the term 'wainscoting' in home improvement? The term is quite unfamiliar even for those who may have come across it several times already in the past. Actually, wainscoting is similar to paneling. However, this one focuses more on adding wood panels that will line the walls of a room particularly the lower parts.

You may have seen such type of paneling in many homes you have visited. You always thought that it brings a feeling of warmth and also adds personality to the structure where it is incorporated. With this in mind, you may want to give this home improvement project a try. To convince you even further, here are some things that explain why such process is becoming popular in the world of home renovation.

Adds an aesthetic lift to your space

This is one obvious reason that explains the popularity of wainscoting. This paneling technique works on its own and adds interest and texture even without any hint of colour added to the panel. Take note that wainscoting may be limited to the different colour hues within the white shade but that does not mean it will make your space look boring after it has been installed. The reason why white is a common choice for wainscoting is the fact that it goes well with any colour thus you do not have to think what particular colour can go well with your room.

Acts as a sort of protection

Wainscoting is not just placed on a wall for the mere fact that it adds aesthetic value to the space. It also has several functions that it can boast of – one of which is to protect your drywall. How does it do that? Wainscoting actually protects that part of the wall from marks, bumps and scrapes that may have been left by any of your family members especially your kids who may have loved holding on to the drywall.

Enhances the structure

Wainscoting has the capability to divide the room into various sections that can definitely enhance the look, not just of the walls but the entire structure in general. This will certainly be a good thing since it will allow you to maximise the splits on your wall's spaces. This will give more room for added decorations should you wish to hang paintings or simply add a table near the wall.

Changes the impression on tall walls

Many times, tall and long walls will never attract the eye of guests. It can even make them feel as if there is something missing in the structure. With the addition of wainscoting into that tall, boring space, you can make your room feel cosier and homier. This will add warmth to the room.

An affordable choice

Whilst wainscoting is a part of a home improvement project (which you can commonly presume to be expensive), you have to take note that your impression of the cost is not at all true. Wainscoting is an affordable endeavour simply because you can work on such home project separate from all other projects you want in a home renovation. And once you have added it to your structure, you will certainly increase its market value.

For wainscoting and other home improvement or renovation projects, you can always have a trusted Calgary handyman professional by your side. Give us a call after browsing through the different projects we have posted on our pages. From there, you can discuss what you actually need in your own home renovation. We will look into your specifications and help you create the desired results!