Mistakes That You Can Avoid When Renovating Your Basement

If you are looking for the best return investment as a homeowner (who may be planning to put the house on sale sometime in the future), then working on your basement would be among the best choices you make. Studies show that basement renovations offer a significant return on investment. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the basement effectively renovated with the help of professionals. People make quite a number of mistakes when renovating the basement. These errors are usually costly. Here are some of these mistakes and how you can avoid them.

The ceiling height

A good number of older homes are actually built with low ceilings (usually 7-foot high). This obviously makes some people feel uncomfortable when they go to the basement. Although excavating can sound like a brilliant idea to increase height, cost and structural challenges make a lot of people look for other options. Luckily, you can carry out an excavation to improve basement height. All you need is a professional handyman who will come and assess your basement and give you an accurate estimation of the project cost.

Too much darkness

Light is among the essential factors that make a basement look great. A dark basement is not the right way to go about things. You r basement should have ample windows and lighting. Quite a good number of basement renovation projects call for either artificial or natural light. A basement that is not well-illuminated is less useful. Therefore, you may consider the option of either installing larger windows or simply enlarging window wells to bring more natural light. For artificial lighting, you can go for LEDS, CFLs and LED tapes, which are more energy-efficient.

Bad floor plan

Some of the factors that lead to bad floor plan in the basement are utilities and floor drains. In that case, it is advisable to ensure that the lower level is not overly chopped up. The best floor plan allows you to work on window installation, lighting fixtures, sofa arrangement and other things that go a long way to make the basement look great.

Water issues

Water causes one of the biggest challenges in the basement. As such, any water issue should be eliminated before you proceed with basement remodeling plans. Basement remodeling can be costly especially if you fail to eliminate the water problem. Therefore, it is important to inspect the basement for any water issues. Even if you do not see standing water on the basement floor, check the yard near the foundation walls of your house. Look out for negative slopes towards the house as well. If your basement has water issues, work closely with a waterproofing expert to ensure that it is in the perfect shape.

The continuity of design

When working on the furnishings, you need to ensure that there is some continuity in design. Note that this should be in line with the rest of the home. In addition, you can also be a little adventurous in the basement depending on your creative imagination. With a great idea in mind, you can work on what you really want. Some of the options include transforming your basement into a relaxation hub or an entertainment zone. There are quite a number of great options that you can work with to completely transform your basement.

Most mistakes made by homeowners when renovating their basement revolve around these factors. You can avoid these mistakes by making the right choices. First, make an effective plan with the help of a professional handyman in Calgary. He will help you with accurate estimation of the basement renovation cost. You should also use quality materials for the best outcome.